Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread – 400g

The delicious taste of nutella that kids loveAn essential element of breakfast and a good way to start the dayFree from artificial colourings and preservativesHazelnut spread.Breakfast with nutella.Make nutella part of a balanced breakfast.The first version of what would become the revolutionary invention of the century and what is now one of the most famous food specialities in the world – Nutella – was founded in a backroom of the pastry shop founded in Alba in 1944 by Pietro Ferrero. Since then, Nutella continues to inspire and satisfy the palate of the entire world: from the United States to Europe, Australia to Canada, its unique taste and its distinctive jar appeal to consumers of all generations. Thanks to its inimitable recipe and its genuine and carefully selected ingredients, Nutella, spread on bread, has become an essential element to the breakfast ritual and serves as a great way to begin the day. Start the Day with Nutella�Enjoy your breakfast with the great and unique taste of Nutella� Suitable for vegetarians